Agency Spotter iPhone App Launches: Marketers Save Hundreds of Hours With The Easiest Agency Search Out There

Fall in love with confidence: Agency search, compare, shortlist, and connect with agencies across digital, advertising, design, and research

ATLANTA, GA – March 1, 2016 – Agency Spotter, Inc. launches the first mobile app to solve agency search for marketers and subject matter experts across digital, advertising, design, and more than 30 other services. The Agency Spotter iPhone App is an extension of Agency Spotter, searches more than 12,700 agencies and design firms, and is available for free in the App Store.

Agency Spotter iPhone App Agency Search for Marketers Worldwide

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Now marketers can build a better agency shortlist in minutes and benefit from:

  • Data driven agency matches–build a shortlist before your next meeting using Agency Spotter’s matching engine
  • Details that help marketers decide–from agency client reviews to projects, marketers can be more productive and leverage a better consideration set than ever before
  • Shortlist, share, and connect with agencies for free–take control of your agency search at no cost, share shortlists with your team, and reach out to start the conversation

“Agency Spotter’s mobile app is just one more way we are reinventing agency search and streamlining the trillion dollar marketing services industry worldwide.”

–Brian Regienczuk, CEO and CoFounder of Agency Spotter

Agency Spotter is focused on taking agency search from months to minutes, saving marketers hundreds of hours every time they need to find a new partner. In the last year alone, Agency Spotter has helped place over $40 million in services ranging from projects all the way to agency of record (AOR) searches for Fortune 500 companies.

Agency Spotter was the first to bring public client ratings and reviews to the marketing services space. Now, the company is the first to bring those client reviews to the pockets of marketers and design leaders at brands small, medium and large.

With an easy-to-use interface, Agency Spotter’s mobile app gets decision makers connected to relevant agencies in 4 steps:

  • Input key agency criteria like type of service, budget range and location;
  • Review relevant result agency tiles and detailed portfolios including client reviews and sample projects;
  • Shortlist the top contenders;
  • Reach out to start a conversation.

“Decision makers are strapped for time. They are under tremendous pressure to find agency partners who can both drive results and are a good cultural fit,” said Regienczuk, adding that, “Agency Spotter’s mobile app shows them relevant agencies, gives them unique content that helps them judge fit, and makes it easy to start a conversation with those that make the cut.”